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The Best Retaining Walls in Fernie

Retaining walls can enhance the beauty and function of a property, creating a luxury landscaping design and acting as a barrier of protection. 


For many residential properties, Fernie Ski Hill lodges, and commercial establishments, incorporating retaining walls is a significant factor for ensuring and maintaining the value and security of the property. 


Our team is dedicated to hard work and quality, as reflected in the installation of our retaining walls.  


We believe that by delivering high-quality work, retaining walls can enhance your property’s market value and overall appeal. Count on Valley View for quality contracting and work that stands out. 

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Expect the Best From Valley View


We perform high-quality work. At Valley View Excavation, we are known for the quality of our materials and workmanship and our attention to detail.


While other companies treat your project as an option, we treat it like a priority. We are a reliable company with a hard-working crew of professionals.


We have nearly 20 years of experience in high-end landscaping and contracting. Our past experience includes some of Fernie’s most high-profile homes and resorts.

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Retaining Walls Can Transform Your Property

Retaining walls can add a new dimension to your landscape, beautifying your property, and stabilizing slopes and hills. 


At Valley View Excavation, we are experts in the design, planning, and installation of retaining walls. We begin by analyzing your landscape and providing you with a clear layout to maximize both functionality and aesthetics.  


Regardless of the style, size, or purpose of your project we can help. We can install rock retaining walls, wood retaining walls, and even Gabion walls, and we work on existing properties as well as new builds.


Our approach is safety-centric and cost-effective, aimed at creating a luxurious landscape to enjoy the great outdoors.

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The height of your retaining wall depends on the type of building material we use. Because we use proper reinforcement techniques, your retaining wall can be as high as you’d like.

We have built retaining walls using natural stone, precast blocks, or treated lumber. We also use high-quality fill material and base and drainage components. If you would like to know more, contact us today. 

A reinforced wall uses layers of reinforcements to contain soil or other material. Your need for reinforcement depends on the weight of whatever the wall is holding.

Worried About Structural Integrity?

Valley View Contracting - rock retaining walls

We Put Safety First

One of the most significant features of retaining walls is the added safety they add to a hilly or sloped property. Rather than a steep slope, a retaining wall can transform a hazard into easy steps, an outdoor amphitheatre, or a gated garden.


In addition to our retaining walls adding safety to your property, we also ensure our team is safe during the construction and installation process. Our crew is highly-trained and equipped to handle large-scale projects, minimizing the risk of error or accident.


We are licensed, insured, bonded and have worked on numerous complex projects. Though we always strive to create beauty, safety is our #1 concern. 


Forget other landscaping companies and trust Fernie’s most reliable and professional team — contact Valley View Excavation for a retaining wall quote today!