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Innovative. Exquisite. Elaborate.

Valley View Excavation is here to provide you with the opportunity to embrace luxurious and timeless landscape creations that reflect your singular style. We have created eye-popping landscape designs throughout the Fernie region, building designs that reflect the spirit of homes, commercial properties, condominium buildings and ski lodges. 

Our designs can effectively enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and even increase its market value. With a landscape design that reflects the beauty of your property, you can enjoy both. 

All designs are created by Planscape, An Outdoor Design Company, who work alongside our team. Together, our talented crew delivers devoted professionalism, timeless experience, and high-quality work. Our creations are nothing short of exquisite! 

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Expect the Best From Valley View


We perform high-quality work. At Valley View Excavation, we are known for the quality of our materials and workmanship and our attention to detail.


While other companies treat your project as an option, we treat it like a priority. We are a reliable company with a hard-working crew of professionals.


We have nearly 20 years of experience in high-end landscaping and contracting. Our past experience includes some of Fernie’s most high-profile homes and resorts.

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Landscape Design At Its Finest

Unlike other landscaping companies that merely “create” something, we are focused on extending the magic of your property through innovative landscape design. 


By working alongside our design partner, Planscape, our landscape design process begins with careful analysis, as we strive to understand you, your needs, and the requirements of your property. With a firm idea of what you would like for your landscape, we will provide with a plan for the creation, step-by-step. We believe that innovative design and meticulous planning are key to the best creations.  We take care of everything, from the planning to the design, construction, and installation.


Our experience and quality of work are evident by the wealth of designs we have created in Fernie throughout the years. Fernie Ski Hill homeowners, luxury developers, commercial investors, and condominium management companies have all embraced and enjoyed our creations — now it’s your turn.

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We work on current residential properties, premier home developments, commercial establishments, lodges on the Fernie Ski Hill and for condominiums.

No, we do not provide lawn care or maintenance as part of our services. We are exclusively focused on landscape design and construction.

It all depends on the size of the project. Since we deal with large landscaping projects, it can take some time. Once you have discussed your plans with our team, we can give you an estimated timeline.

We Can Handle the Tough Stuff

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The Best Landscape Design in Fernie

Leave your landscape design to the team that knows what luxury means. Our high-end contractors know that to have the best design in Fernie, you need the best team. We strive to deliver perfection in every project. 

Our reputation in the industry and region is unmatched. We have developed marvellous creations that encapsulate what our clients want. As we deal with high-end properties, we understand the value of overall perception, impeccable design, quality materials, and effective space utilization.

We are licensed, insured, and bonded to handle all large projects.  From recreating your entire garden to incorporating a retaining walls in your current design, our team can deliver the picture-perfect image you want. 

See what luxury is all about — contact Valley View Excavation and ask about our landscape designs today.