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We Turn Homes Into Estates

At Valley View Excavation, we believe that the right landscaping can make all the difference between suburban houses and luxury estate homes. We are not merely landscapers and contractors that do the “work”; we elevate your property’s status and quality. Our goal is to deliver high-end services that enhance your property’s value, turning it into a highly sought-after estate. We use the most advanced equipment to guarantee that we deliver the most exceptional result. Our high-quality work is why we are recognized throughout the Fernie area as an established force that people trust. From redeveloping current properties to helping with new developments, we can provide homeowners and builders with the landscape solutions you need. We strive to establish your property as the standard-bearer in Fernie.

Expect the Best From Valley View


We perform high-quality work. At Valley View Excavation, we are known for the quality of our materials and workmanship and our attention to detail.


While other companies treat your project as an option, we treat it like a priority. We are a reliable company with a hard-working crew of professionals.


We have nearly 20 years of experience in high-end landscaping and contracting. Our past experience includes some of Fernie’s most high-profile homes and resorts.

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When You Need Landscape Design

Your landscaping project should be completed by a professional landscaping company that delivers the real quality to reflect the beauty of your estate. Valley View Excavation has been completing stunning residential landscaping projects for luxury homes, estates, condominiums, and residential properties for years by working with Planscape, An Outdoor Design Company. From the concept to the construction, our skilled contractors will transform your property into an estate of beauty and elegance. Enjoy space to entertain to family and friends or just to enjoy the great outdoors. We offer clients the best in landscape design, installation, construction, retaining walls, and excavation. Experience the highest-quality landscaping in Fernie with Valley View Excavation.