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Valley View Contracting - Excavation contractors


We Are Full-Service Contractors

For something as important as the foundation of your property, you need quality, professionalism and experience. 


At Valley View Excavation, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality and precise excavation services for our clients. Our excavations contractors are recognized for their lavish capabilities and keen eye for detail. We take excavation services to the next level by establishing a solid foundation that will maximize the value and potential of your property.


Each job will be handled with care and experience. We are focused on your needs, with our friendly professionals willing to take the necessary steps to ensure the job is delivered exactly as you expect it. 

Valley View Contracting - Excavation contractors

Expect the Best From Valley View


We perform high-quality work. At Valley View Excavation, we are known for the quality of our materials and workmanship and our attention to detail.


While other companies treat your project as an option, we treat it like a priority. We are a reliable company with a hard-working crew of professionals.


We have nearly 20 years of experience in high-end landscaping and contracting. Our past experience includes some of Fernie’s most high-profile homes and resorts.

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Professional Excavation Contractors

The perfect foundation prepares the way for the perfect property, which is why we analyze and assess the validity of each excavation project to ensure we deliver the perfect job.


We assess the condition of the land, stabilizing it so that we can orchestrate a safe and secure excavation job that matches the requirements of your project. 


We use the most advanced equipment, elevating the quality of our work while keeping your project on time and within budget. We are safety-centric, cost-effective, and strive to live up to our name as Ferne’s most reliable and luxurious landscaping company. 


With our wealth of knowledge and years of experience, coupled with our fleet of advanced excavation equipment, we will keep your project running smoothly, regardless of its size or location. 

Valley View Contracting - Excavation contractors


We offer draining work, weeping tile, foundation digging, retaining wall building, removal of large rocks and trees from properties and the demolition of older buildings, garages, and sheds. For more information about our foundation work, contact us today. 

Excavation is one of our key services. As such, we are licensed, insured and bonded for luxury jobs of all sizes.

As we offer dump truck removal services, we can remove all soil, dirt and concrete aggregate, as well as mulch, trees, shrubs and drainage materials following an excavation job.

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Valley View Contracting - Excavation contractors

The Best Excavation Contractors in Fernie

Valley View Excavation is known throughout Fernie for delivering high-quality, amazing work. We take the large, luxury jobs that other landscaping companies will not touch because we know that we can handle it. 


We are licensed, insured and bonded for large-scale luxury projects. We have serviced $10 million residential properties, commercial establishments, Fernie Ski Hill lodges, and several condo management companies in the area.  


Our excavation contractors will lay the perfect foundation, providing our clients with a platform to enhance and increase the value of their real estate. We can also perform draining work, weeping tiles, the removal of large rocks and trees from your property, and the demolition of older buildings. 


You’re in good company alongside the numerous developers, commercial enterprises and Fernie homeowners that rely on Valley View Excavation for quality, heavy-duty excavation work.